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India and ________ launched a joint programme that will work towards addressing a range of challenges around smart cities and clean technologies among others, in April 2019.

[A] Sweden
[B] Finland
[C] Norway
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nainsi jaiswal
nainsi jaiswal - 1 year ago

nainsi jaiswal from Delhi, India is saying Sweden is correct answer

Neeta Agrawal
Neeta Agrawal - 1 year ago

Neeta Agrawal from India is saying USA is correct answer

Abdul Rouf
Abdul Rouf - 1 year ago

Abdul Rouf from Srinagar, India is saying USA is correct answer

Shruti Samudre
Shruti Samudre - 1 year ago

Shruti Samudre from Pune, India is saying Norway is correct answer

Karan Singh
Karan Singh - 1 year ago

Karan Singh from Kolkata, India is saying UAE is correct answer

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