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The word "Computer" usually refers to the Central processing unit plus?

[A] External memory
[B] Internal memory
[C] Input devices
[D] Output devices
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Funny Londe
Funny Londe - 1 month ago

Funny Londe from Patiala, India is saying Internal memory is correct answer

Udith Liyanage
Udith Liyanage - 2 months ago

Udith Liyanage from Kandy, Sri Lanka is saying Internal memory is correct answer

Basit Ali
Basit Ali - 3 months ago

Basit Ali from Lahore, Pakistan is saying Internal memory is correct answer

Ubaidah Ayoub
Ubaidah Ayoub - 3 months ago

Ubaidah Ayoub from Srinagar, India is saying External memory is correct answer

Sanad Pradeep
Sanad Pradeep - 4 months ago

Sanad Pradeep from Ernakulam, India is saying Internal memory is correct answer

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A machine associated with card-based data processing is

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Handheld computers come under which category of computer?

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Output hardware is often categorized according to whether it:

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