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In LISP, the function X (x). (2x+l) would be rendered as

[A] (lambda (x) (+(*2 x)l))
[B] (lambda (x) (+1 (* 2x)
[C] (+ lambda (x) 1 (*2x))
[D] (* lambda(x) (+2x1)
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Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 1 day ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying (* lambda(x) (+2x1) is correct answer

Bb Bb
Bb Bb - 2 weeks ago

Bb Bb from Baghdad, Iraq is saying (lambda (x) (+1 (* 2x) is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying (+ lambda (x) 1 (*2x)) is correct answer

Rup Kotha
Rup Kotha - 11 months ago

Rup Kotha from Dhaka, Bangladesh is saying (lambda (x) (+(*2 x)l)) is correct answer

Phani - 1 year ago

Phani from Hyderabad, India is saying (lambda (x) (+(*2 x)l)) is correct answer

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