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The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is:

[A] history
[B] cognitive science
[C] psychology
[D] sociology
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Bb Bb
Bb Bb - 3 weeks ago

Bb Bb from Baghdad, Iraq is saying history is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying psychology is correct answer

Devraj Saw
Devraj Saw - 4 months ago

Devraj Saw is saying history is correct answer

douaa iraq
douaa iraq - 6 months ago

douaa iraq from Najaf, Iraq is saying cognitive science is correct answer

mounusha satish
mounusha satish - 7 months ago

mounusha satish from Bengaluru, India is saying sociology is correct answer

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Input segments of AI programming contains ?

  • [A] Sound and smell
  • [B] Touch
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In LISP, the function X (x). (2x+l) would be rendered as

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