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One of the leading American robotics centers is the Robotics Institute located at:

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Bb Bb
Bb Bb - 8 months ago

Bb Bb from Baghdad, Iraq is saying SRI is correct answer

Deep - 9 months ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying MIT is correct answer

Nithya Lakshmi
Nithya Lakshmi - 10 months ago

Nithya Lakshmi is saying MIT is correct answer

Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar - 10 months ago

Raju Kumar is saying CMU is correct answer

douaa iraq
douaa iraq - 1 year ago

douaa iraq from Najaf, Iraq is saying RAND is correct answer

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In LISP, the square root of X is referenced as ?

  • [A] sqrt(x)
  • [B] (sqrt x)
  • [C] x/2
  • [D] x/3

Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called:

  • [A] contact sensing control
  • [B] continuous-path control
  • [C] robot vision control
  • [D] pick-and-place control

What is the name of the computer program that simulates the thought processes of human beings?

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  • [B] Expert reason
  • [C] Expert system
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What is the name of the computer program that contains the distilled knowledge of an expert?

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  • [B] Management information System
  • [C] Expert system
  • [D] Artificial intelligence