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The perspective anomaly in which the object behind the center of projection is projected upside down and backward onto the view plane is called ?

[A] Perspective foreshortening
[B] Vanishing view
[C] View Confusion
[D] Topological distortion
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shruti mishra
shruti mishra - 1 month ago

shruti mishra is saying View Confusion is correct answer

Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma - 1 month ago

Yash Sharma is saying Perspective foreshortening is correct answer


118O876O _KOTTURISAIKRISHNASURYATEJA from India is saying View Confusion is correct answer

Rizvana Hcl
Rizvana Hcl - 2 months ago

Rizvana Hcl is saying Vanishing view is correct answer

Saud Sarosh Alvi
Saud Sarosh Alvi - 3 months ago

Saud Sarosh Alvi is saying Vanishing view is correct answer

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