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What stage of the manufacturing process has been described as "the mapping of function onto form"?

[A] Design
[B] Distribution
[C] project management
[D] field service
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sumaira naseem
sumaira naseem - 4 years ago

sumaira naseem from Gojra, Pakistan is saying Design is correct answer

Muhammad Asghar
Muhammad Asghar - 4 years ago

Muhammad Asghar from Vehari, Pakistan is saying Design is correct answer

Radhagovinda Mohapatra
Radhagovinda Mohapatra - 4 years ago

Radhagovinda Mohapatra from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Distribution is correct answer

MUHAMMAD NADEEM - 4 years ago

MUHAMMAD NADEEM from Lahore, Pakistan is saying Design is correct answer

clive clarke
clive clarke - 4 years ago

clive clarke from Kingston, Jamaica is saying project management is correct answer

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Output segments of AI programming contains ?

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What of the following is considered to be a pivotal event in the history of AI ?

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