Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh - 10 months ago in Daily GK Current Affairs

Recently, Vinod Kashyap has passed away. She was a/an ________.

[A] Newsreader
[B] Actor
[C] Politician
[D] Spiritual Leader
[E] Singer

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Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh - 3 years ago in Daily GK Current Affairs

Which fund has been set up by SIDBI to provide a boost to start-up venture capital in the country?

देश में स्टार्ट-अप उद्यम पूंजी को बढ़ावा देने के लिए किस कोष को सिडबी द्वारा स्थापित किया गया है?
  • [A]

    India Start-up fund

    भारत स्टार्ट अप फंड
  • [B]

    India new Venture fund

    इंडिया न्यू वेंचर फण्ड
  • [C]

    India Aspiration fund

    इंडिया एस्पिरेशन फण्ड
  • [D]

    India entrepreneur fund

    इंडिया इंटरप्रेन्योर फण्ड
  • [E]

    New start-up fund

    न्यू स्टार्ट अप फण्ड