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How can you evaluate 1.25 + sqrt(144) in LISP

[A] 1.25+sqrt(1.44)
[B] (1.25+sqrt(1.44))
[C] (+1.25 sqrt(1.44)
[D] All of above
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Delphi R - 3 years ago

( is not ended properly...how c option can be the answer. B option should be the right one

Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 5 days ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying (+1.25 sqrt(1.44) is correct answer

Bb Bb
Bb Bb - 3 weeks ago

Bb Bb from Baghdad, Iraq is saying (+1.25 sqrt(1.44) is correct answer

Suha Dhahir
Suha Dhahir - 4 weeks ago

Suha Dhahir from Baghdad, Iraq is saying (1.25+sqrt(1.44)) is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying All of above is correct answer

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