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You can make telephone calls over the Internet using a technology called

[A] Intertel
[B] Telenet
[C] VoIP
[D] VoRP
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Narender Kumar
Narender Kumar - 1 week ago

Narender Kumar is saying Telenet is correct answer

Marem Husen
Marem Husen - 1 month ago

Marem Husen from Al Musayyib, Iraq is saying Telenet is correct answer

deepak kumar
deepak kumar - 1 month ago

deepak kumar is saying Telenet is correct answer

Uga Balu
Uga Balu - 1 month ago

Uga Balu from Chennai, India is saying VoIP is correct answer

uma - 1 month ago

uma from Hindupur, India is saying Intertel is correct answer

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