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The number of swapping needed to sort numbers 8,22,7,9,31,19,5,13 in ascending order using bubble sort is ?

[A] 11
[B] 12
[C] 13
[D] 14
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Lets Know
Lets Know - 4 years ago

Lets Know from Pakistan is saying 14 is correct answer

Baerov Bogdan
Baerov Bogdan - 4 years ago

Baerov Bogdan from Mogosoaia, Romania is saying 13 is correct answer

Rohan Bhosale
Rohan Bhosale - 4 years ago

Rohan Bhosale from Pune, India is saying 12 is correct answer

Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah - 4 years ago

Mihir Shah from Majalgaon, India is saying 12 is correct answer

Sangeetha A
Sangeetha A - 4 years ago

Sangeetha A from Chennai, India is saying 12 is correct answer

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