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Linked list are not suitable data structure of which one of the following problems ?

[A] Insertion sort
[B] Binary search
[C] Radix sort
[D] Polynomial manipulation
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Meesala Mohan - 2 years ago

Binary Search

Muhammad Farrukh Afzaal
Muhammad Farrukh Afzaal - 2 months ago

Muhammad Farrukh Afzaal from Karachi, Pakistan is saying Binary search is correct answer

Abdelrahman S. Fathy
Abdelrahman S. Fathy - 3 months ago

Abdelrahman S. Fathy from Cairo, Egypt is saying Polynomial manipulation is correct answer

Er Parvinder Singh
Er Parvinder Singh - 6 months ago

Er Parvinder Singh from Rohtak, India is saying Insertion sort is correct answer

Sanju Rebel
Sanju Rebel - 6 months ago

Sanju Rebel from Hyderabad, India is saying Radix sort is correct answer

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