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The word 'fanny' is also English slang for which one of these ?

[A] Khidki
[B] Pankha
[C] Tashreef ki tokri
[D] Magazine
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Pradeep Kumar Awasthi
Pradeep Kumar Awasthi - 4 years ago

Pradeep Kumar Awasthi from India is saying Pankha is correct answer

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar - 4 years ago

Rajesh Kumar from Mumbai, India is saying Tashreef ki tokri is correct answer

umair ehtasham
umair ehtasham - 4 years ago

umair ehtasham from Lucknow, India is saying Pankha is correct answer

AR Makers
AR Makers - 4 years ago

AR Makers from Bhilai Charoda, India is saying Khidki is correct answer

Jasmine Varma
Jasmine Varma - 4 years ago

Jasmine Varma from Pune, India is saying Pankha is correct answer

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