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Which country has approved the issuance of first-ever renminbi-denominated 'Panda Bonds'?

[A] India
[B] China
[C] Pakistan
[E] Russia
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Who has been appointed as the head coach of the Delhi-based Indian Arrow football club by All India Football Federation?

  • [A] Floyd Pinto
  • [B] Steve Coppell
  • [C] Gianluca Zambrotta
  • [D] Marco Materazzi
  • [E] José Francisco Molina

Recently launched ‘Longitudinal Ageing Study’, is what kind of study?
हाल ही में शुरू हुआ 'अनुदैर्ध्य जरण अध्ययन' किस तरह का अध्ययन है?

  • [A] Counting number of elderly people
    बुजुर्ग लोगों की गणना
  • [B] None of these
    इनमें से कोई नहीं
  • [C] Data on various issues of the elderly
    बुजुर्गों के विभिन्न मुद्दों पर आंकड़े
  • [D] Understanding early ageing problem in adults
    वयस्कों में जल्दी उम्र बढ़ने की समस्या को समझना
  • [E] Counting number of employed elderly people
    कार्यरत बुजुर्ग लोगों की गणना