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The 37th Senior National Rowing Championship began in which city?

[A] Pune
[B] Kochi
[C] Mumbai
[D] Chennai
[E] Panaji
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The State District Management Authority of which of the following states has launched COVID-19 Drishti portal?

  • [A] Andhra Pradesh
  • [B] Gujarat
  • [C] Haryana
  • [D] Uttarakhand
  • [E] Madhya Pradesh

Which of the following has initiated a global mega trial, called Solidarity, of the four most promising drugs that may cure the novel coronavirus?

  • [A] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • [B] Care International
  • [C] World Health Organization 
  • [D] Doctors Without Borders
  • [E] UNICEF

Who has been appointed the chairman of the central panel of the 65th National Film Awards?

  • [A] Shekhar Kapur
  • [B] Ram Gopal Verma
  • [C] S. S. Rajamouli
  • [D] Imtiaz Ali
  • [E] Karan Johar

Recently, Barun Haldar passed away. He was a/an ________.

  • [A] Politician
  • [B] Actor
  • [C] Newsreader
  • [D] Judge
  • [E] Cricketer