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The RBI announced a cap for outstanding stock of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) at ________ of GDP of the country.

[A] 6.5%
[B] 7.2%
[C] 5.8%
[D] 3.7%
[E] 10.1%
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What was the theme of 2017 International Museum day?
2017 अन्तराष्ट्रीय संग्रहालय दिवस की विषयवस्तु क्या थी?

  • [A] Museums for Social Harmony
    म्यूजियम्स फॉर सोशल हारमनी
  • [B] Museum and Memory
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How many countries can become member of International Solar Alliance?

  • [A] 121
  • [B] 60
  • [C] There is no limit
  • [D] 250
  • [E] 100

RBI has decided to do away with the per borrower loan limits to ________.

  • [A] Big Businesses
  • [B] Micro/ Small and Medium Enterprises
  • [C] Self Help Groups
  • [D] Farmers
  • [E] None of the above