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. If an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of the other composite key, a normalization called ................ is needed.

[C] third
[D] fourth
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Annapurna - 4 years ago

Annapurna is saying DKNF is correct answer

Shourya Singh Rawat
Shourya Singh Rawat - 4 years ago

Shourya Singh Rawat from India is saying BCNF is correct answer

Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah - 4 years ago

Mihir Shah from Majalgaon, India is saying BCNF is correct answer

zemenfes hailemariam
zemenfes hailemariam - 4 years ago

zemenfes hailemariam from Ethiopia is saying DKNF is correct answer

Imran Ali
Imran Ali - 4 years ago

Imran Ali from Rawalpindi, Pakistan is saying BCNF is correct answer

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The ..................... is essentially used to search for patterns in target string.

  • [A] Like predicate
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The process of reading a database schema and producing a data model from that schema is known as:

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The level of abstraction describes only part of the entire database is called?

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Before any changes to database structure are attempted one should first:

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  • [B] test any changes on a test database only.
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