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The code that relational database management systems use to perform their database task is referred to as ...

[D] Sequel Server
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Tsega Asresa Mengistu
Tsega Asresa Mengistu - 4 days ago

Tsega Asresa Mengistu from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying SQL is correct answer

Serkie Mekonnen
Serkie Mekonnen - 5 days ago

Serkie Mekonnen from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying SQL is correct answer

sureshbabu vampugadapa
sureshbabu vampugadapa - 1 month ago

sureshbabu vampugadapa from Guntur, India is saying SQL is correct answer

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying SQL is correct answer

Arpita Dhote
Arpita Dhote - 1 month ago

Arpita Dhote from Pune, India is saying SQL is correct answer

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