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A directly accessible appointment calendar is feature of a---- resident package

[B] Memory
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Chetan Chilhate
Chetan Chilhate - 4 years ago

Chetan Chilhate from India is saying CPU is correct answer

Rohan Bhosale
Rohan Bhosale - 4 years ago

Rohan Bhosale from Pune, India is saying ALU is correct answer

Sanket Malpure
Sanket Malpure - 4 years ago

Sanket Malpure from Pune, India is saying CPU is correct answer

Lets Know
Lets Know - 4 years ago

Lets Know from Pakistan is saying Memory is correct answer

Luiz Regalo Pural
Luiz Regalo Pural - 4 years ago

Luiz Regalo Pural from Philippines is saying ALU is correct answer

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Using windows Explorer, a plus(+) sign in front of a folder indicates----

  • [A] an open folder
  • [B] the folder contains subfolder
  • [C] the text file

A system program which helps the execution of user programs is known as---

  • [A] system software
  • [B] operating system
  • [C] application program

Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by

  • [A] Linker
  • [B] Loader
  • [C] Compiler
  • [D] Assembler

MS_dos is a ----- operating system.

  • [A] user-friendly
  • [B] command-driven