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A system program which helps the execution of user programs is known as---

[A] system software
[B] operating system
[C] application program
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Neha thakur - 2 years ago

The main function of the dispatcher is

Neha thakur - 2 years ago

A null process has a process identifier.....
1)-1, 2)0, 3)1, 4)null

Neha thakur - 2 years ago

The scheduler which selects jobs from the pool of jobs and loads them to the ready queue is...................

Neha thakur - 2 years ago

......is used by the operating system to store information about a process

Chetan Chilhate
Chetan Chilhate - 4 years ago

Chetan Chilhate from India is saying application program is correct answer

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Correcting errors in a program is referred to as

  • [A] Debugging
  • [B] bugging
  • [C] Rectifying
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Which is not the state of the process ?

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  • [B] Running
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A computer system that permits multiple users to run programs at same time

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