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A popular operting system used with micro computer is---

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Manoj Gehlot - 2 years ago

please explain this answere

Tsega Asresa Mengistu
Tsega Asresa Mengistu - 1 week ago

Tsega Asresa Mengistu from Dessie, Ethiopia is saying UNIX is correct answer

Shamsa hafeez
Shamsa hafeez - 2 weeks ago

Shamsa hafeez from Lahore, Pakistan is saying UNIX is correct answer

Fahim Waris
Fahim Waris - 2 weeks ago

Fahim Waris from Lahore, Pakistan is saying DOS is correct answer

Suha Dhahir
Suha Dhahir - 3 weeks ago

Suha Dhahir from Baghdad, Iraq is saying XENIX is correct answer

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A system program which helps the execution of user programs is known as---

  • [A] system software
  • [B] operating system
  • [C] application program

Which of the following refers to the associative memory?

  • [A] the address of the data is generated by the CPU
  • [B] the address of the data is supplied by the users
  • [C] there is no need for an address i.e. the data is used as an address
  • [D] the data are accessed sequentially
  • [E] None of the above

Which is not the state of the process ?

  • [A] Blocked
  • [B] Running
  • [C] Ready
  • [D] Privileged

Round robin scheduling is essentially the preemptive version of ________ ?

  • [A] FIFO
  • [B] Shortest job first
  • [C] Shortest remaining
  • [D] Longest time first

An assembler is used to translate a program written in

  • [A] A Low Language
  • [B] A high Language
  • [C] Middle Language
  • [D] Assembly Language