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Which of the following is private IP address?

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Manu R - 4 years ago

5 Classes. A,B,C,D and E

Shubham pareek - 5 years ago

how many classes in IP address?

ahmad - 4 months ago

ahmad from Lebanon is saying is correct answer

Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma - 7 months ago

Yash Sharma from Jaipur, India is saying is correct answer

eecit hod
eecit hod - 10 months ago

eecit hod from Erode, India is saying is correct answer

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protocols are?

  • [A] Agreements on how communication components and DTE's are to communicate
  • [B] Logical communication channels for transferring data
  • [C] Physical communication channels sued for transferring data
  • [D] None of above

How often are BPDUs sent from a layer 2 device?

  • [A] Every 2 seconds
  • [B] Never
  • [C] Every 10 minutes
  • [D] Every 30 seconds

Which protocol does Ping use?

  • [A] TCP
  • [B] ARP
  • [C] ICMP
  • [D] BootP

Which of the following services use TCP?

  • [A] DHCP
  • [B] SMTP
  • [C] FTP
  • [D] TFTP
  • [E] HTTP