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When parking on a roadway outside an urban area, your vehicle must be seen for ___ in both directions.

[A] 60 m
[B] 140 m
[C] 150 m
[D] 130 m

Make your vehicle visible!

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Adrian signorile
Adrian signorile - 3 weeks ago

Adrian signorile is saying 150 m is correct answer

Colby - 3 weeks ago

Colby is saying 150 m is correct answer

Guru Prasad Dwivedi
Guru Prasad Dwivedi - 4 weeks ago

Guru Prasad Dwivedi is saying 150 m is correct answer

Sienna's Video's
Sienna's Video's - 1 month ago

Sienna's Video's is saying 60 m is correct answer

Thomas Adhanom
Thomas Adhanom - 2 months ago

Thomas Adhanom is saying 60 m is correct answer

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If your blood alcohol level measures between .05 and .08 % when driving, you'll be subject to the following roadside sanction(s) for your first offence within 10 years:

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Reversing must be done

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