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All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks except

[A] Spam
[B] Hacker
[C] virus
[D] theft
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Manoj Gehlot - 4 years ago

d should be answer..sir should explean this question

H Kumar
H Kumar - 2 months ago

H Kumar from Chennai, India is saying Spam is correct answer

Shubham Yerawar
Shubham Yerawar - 4 years ago

Shubham Yerawar from Ambad, India is saying Spam is correct answer

Chetan Chilhate
Chetan Chilhate - 4 years ago

Chetan Chilhate from India is saying Hacker is correct answer

Sanket Malpure
Sanket Malpure - 4 years ago

Sanket Malpure from Pune, India is saying virus is correct answer

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