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Individuals who want software to assist in automated checkbook balancing and bill paying for their personal bank and credit card accounts will likely use which of the following software products?

[A] Quickbooks
[B] Quicken
[C] Microsoft Project
[D] Acrobat
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abhijit mane
abhijit mane - 4 years ago

abhijit mane from India is saying Microsoft Project is correct answer

Snehil Dilip
Snehil Dilip - 4 years ago

Snehil Dilip from Raipur, India is saying Microsoft Project is correct answer

Utkarsh Agrawal
Utkarsh Agrawal - 4 years ago

Utkarsh Agrawal from Kadi, India is saying Microsoft Project is correct answer

Lets Know
Lets Know - 4 years ago

Lets Know from Pakistan is saying Quickbooks is correct answer

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