7 years ago in Software Engineering

A good specification should be?

[A] unambiguous
[B] distinctly specific
[C] functional
[D] all of these
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abhijit mane
abhijit mane - 4 years ago

abhijit mane from India is saying all of these is correct answer

Annapurna - 4 years ago

Annapurna is saying functional is correct answer

Manali Jain
Manali Jain - 4 years ago

Manali Jain from Pune, India is saying all of these is correct answer

Snehil Dilip
Snehil Dilip - 4 years ago

Snehil Dilip from Raipur, India is saying distinctly specific is correct answer

Rawan Bero
Rawan Bero - 4 years ago

Rawan Bero from Saudi Arabia is saying all of these is correct answer

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