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Which data communication method is used to transmit the data over a serial communication link?

[A] Simplex
[B] Half-duplex
[C] Full duplex
[D] All of above
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Sudeshna Chaudhuri - 4 years ago

sandip kumar thakur why did you even comment if you don't have any problem with the given answer.

Alamzeb Khan - 4 years ago


Alamzeb Khan - 4 years ago

A serial interface where both devices may send and receive data is either full-duplex or half-duplex. Full-duplex means both devices can send and receive simultaneously. Half-duplex communication means serial devices must take turns sending and receiving. Some serial busses might get away with just a single connection between a sending and receiving device. For example, our Serial Enabled LCDs are all ears and don’t really have any data to relay back to the controlling device. This is what’s known as simplex serial communication. All you need is a single wire from the master device’s TX to the listener’s RX line.


Full duplex

Joshua Melendres
Joshua Melendres - 1 week ago

Joshua Melendres is saying Half-duplex is correct answer

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