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A device that forwards data packet from one network to another is called a

[A] Bridge
[B] Switch
[C] Hub
[D] Gateway
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basel khan - 2 years ago

I guess the answer should be router

WAQAS AHMED - 4 years ago

right answer is router

WAQAS AHMED - 4 years ago

r u all indians are kid? if dnt know any thing then dont comment i think ye hna chaye wo hna chaye ...nai ata to google kr k correct answer likho seedi trha....

Abhijeet Pandey - 4 years ago

Here answer would be Router ..

Sarvesh - 4 years ago

Switch is the right answer

PGP Technophile - 4 years ago

Gateway ya bridge?

Anurag Jain - 4 years ago

i think gatway hona chaiye

Samy GG
Samy GG - 1 month ago

Samy GG is saying Switch is correct answer

Noran Khaled
Noran Khaled - 2 months ago

Noran Khaled is saying Switch is correct answer

abhijit mane
abhijit mane - 4 years ago

abhijit mane from India is saying Switch is correct answer

Shubham Yerawar
Shubham Yerawar - 4 years ago

Shubham Yerawar from Ambad, India is saying Hub is correct answer

Chetan Chilhate
Chetan Chilhate - 4 years ago

Chetan Chilhate from India is saying Bridge is correct answer

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