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In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD?

[A] The middle digit of a stream of numbers
[B] The digit to the right of the decimal point
[C] The last digit on the right
[D] The digit with the most weight
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Imran Azman - 2 years ago

yes it also call msb(most significant bit). so why the answer is A

Sudeshna Chaudhuri - 3 years ago

MSD stands for most significant digit which appears on the extreme left. A should not be the answer

Malik Asif - 3 years ago

Please discuss

Deep - 1 month ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying The middle digit of a stream of numbers is correct answer

Hala Kamal
Hala Kamal - 2 months ago

Hala Kamal from Baghdad, Iraq is saying The middle digit of a stream of numbers is correct answer

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