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Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The main program is loaded into memory & is executed. This type of loading is called... ?

[A] Static loading
[B] Dynamic loading
[C] Dynamic linking
[D] Overlays
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ashish srivastava - 4 years ago

given statements in question implies when to load in ram (dynamic loading).

Basavaraj Hunshal - 4 years ago

Linker links the Libraries and creates Assembly. That Assembly is loaded over memory by Loader

brijesh nayyar - 4 years ago

The answer should be B.

Aqsa Majeed
Aqsa Majeed - 1 month ago

Aqsa Majeed from Larkana, Pakistan is saying Dynamic loading is correct answer

Shourya Singh Rawat
Shourya Singh Rawat - 4 years ago

Shourya Singh Rawat from India is saying Overlays is correct answer

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