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The Boolean expression for a 3-input AND gate is ________.

[A] X = AB
[B] X = ABC
[C] X = A + B + C
[D] X = AB + C
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hemasri - 4 years ago

hemasri from Bengaluru, India is saying X = AB + C is correct answer

Rajasekhar Reddy Seelam
Rajasekhar Reddy Seelam - 4 years ago

Rajasekhar Reddy Seelam from Fremont, United States is saying X = ABC is correct answer

RAJ VELUGU - 4 years ago

RAJ VELUGU from India is saying X = ABC is correct answer

Abhijeet Pandey
Abhijeet Pandey - 4 years ago

Abhijeet Pandey from India is saying X = ABC is correct answer

anilreddy salipela
anilreddy salipela - 4 years ago

anilreddy salipela from Bengaluru, India is saying X = A + B + C is correct answer

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