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An SR flip flop cannot accept the following input entry

[A] Both input zero
[B] zero at R and one at S
[C] zero at S and one at R
[D] Both inputs one
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chimwemwe - 3 years ago

When both inputs are 0 the flip flop will be in the toggle state

Malik Asif - 4 years ago

Please discuss

Kelvin Asare
Kelvin Asare - 2 months ago

Kelvin Asare is saying zero at R and one at S is correct answer

Wayne Chua
Wayne Chua - 6 months ago

Wayne Chua is saying Both input zero is correct answer

Anweshan Satapathy
Anweshan Satapathy - 6 months ago

Anweshan Satapathy is saying zero at S and one at R is correct answer

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