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Which of the following has approved a $525-million loan to Madhya Pradesh for infrastructure projects?

[A] International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
[B] International Monetary Fund
[C] World Bank
[D] New Development Bank
[E] Asian Development Bank
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Ruchika Kachhawaha
Ruchika Kachhawaha - 1 year ago

Ruchika Kachhawaha from Jaipur, India is saying International Monetary Fund is correct answer

Pankaj Bharadwaj
Pankaj Bharadwaj - 1 year ago

Pankaj Bharadwaj from Kolkata, India is saying World Bank is correct answer

gita - 1 year ago

gita from Villupuram, India is saying World Bank is correct answer

Khushbu Shaikh
Khushbu Shaikh - 1 year ago

Khushbu Shaikh from Mumbai, India is saying New Development Bank is correct answer

Gatikrushna Das
Gatikrushna Das - 1 year ago

Gatikrushna Das from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Asian Development Bank is correct answer

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