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The ASI (Delhi Circle) of Ministry of Culture has discovered a hoard of ________ Copper Coins in the premises of Khirki Mosque during the course of conservation of the monument. 

[A] 163
[B] 186
[C] 200
[D] 236
[E] 254
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gita - 1 year ago

gita from Villupuram, India is saying 163 is correct answer

Sonam Tashi khar
Sonam Tashi khar - 2 years ago

Sonam Tashi khar from Jamshedpur, India is saying 200 is correct answer

Sunuma Boro
Sunuma Boro - 2 years ago

Sunuma Boro from Guwahati, India is saying 236 is correct answer

Richa Aman Chandak
Richa Aman Chandak - 2 years ago

Richa Aman Chandak from India is saying 200 is correct answer

Abhishekh shukla
Abhishekh shukla - 2 years ago

Abhishekh shukla from Dubai, United Arab Emirates is saying 186 is correct answer

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