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Which Indian Navy Vessel carrying an all women crew circumnavigated the globe in eight months and returned to India in May 2018?

[A] INSV Tarini
[B] INSV Mhadei
[C] INSV Sukanya
[D] INSV Tarangini

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Sunil Kumar M - 2 years ago

Insv tarini

Mohammed IMRAN - 2 years ago

Jhelum Nadi par Kis Kis Se Yudh hua tha Sikandar aur Porus Ke bech

Mohammed IMRAN - 2 years ago


Fatima Amreen
Fatima Amreen - 4 months ago

Fatima Amreen from Hyderabad, India is saying INSV Tarangini is correct answer

AVATAR - 7 months ago

AVATAR from Lucknow, India is saying INSV Tarini is correct answer

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