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By what name do we better know shree Amma yanger Ayyapan?

[A] Jayalalithaa
[B] Shree priya
[C] Jaya prada
[D] Sri Devi

11th June 2018: KBC Registration Question

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Sunil Kumar M - 3 years ago

Smt. Sri Devi

Hasnat Mollick
Hasnat Mollick - 4 months ago

Hasnat Mollick from Kolkata, India is saying Sri Devi is correct answer

Anupam Singh
Anupam Singh - 9 months ago

Anupam Singh from Mumbai, India is saying Jayalalithaa is correct answer

siddhi joshi
siddhi joshi - 9 months ago

siddhi joshi from Jamnagar, India is saying Jaya prada is correct answer

AVATAR - 1 year ago

AVATAR from Lucknow, India is saying Jayalalithaa is correct answer

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