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Which country will make its Test cricket debut against?

[A] Ireland
[B] Kenya
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Canada

9th June 2018: KBC Registration Question

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Sunil Kumar M - 2 years ago


kranthi kumar
kranthi kumar - 1 month ago

kranthi kumar from Hyderabad, India is saying Canada is correct answer

Fatima Amreen
Fatima Amreen - 4 months ago

Fatima Amreen from Hyderabad, India is saying Ireland is correct answer

AVATAR - 6 months ago

AVATAR from Lucknow, India is saying Afghanistan is correct answer

Jamuna Chettri
Jamuna Chettri - 1 year ago

Jamuna Chettri from Siliguri, India is saying Afghanistan is correct answer

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