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 Agro-Processing Financial Institution is which type of body?

[A] Constitutional
[C] Statutory
[D] Payments Bank
[E] Advisory
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Ankit Mohanty
Ankit Mohanty - 2 years ago

Ankit Mohanty from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Statutory is correct answer

PRAKASH RS - 2 years ago

PRAKASH RS from Bengaluru, India is saying Advisory is correct answer

Sayed badruzama
Sayed badruzama - 2 years ago

Sayed badruzama from Mumbai, India is saying NBFC is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 2 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying NBFC is correct answer

Priti Kumar
Priti Kumar - 2 years ago

Priti Kumar from Kolkata, India is saying Payments Bank is correct answer

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