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Hotel Aditya has 10 single AC rooms, 5 double AC rooms and 18 non AC rooms. The fixed monthly rent of hotel is 150,000. The per day maintenance cost is Rs. 100 for double AC room, Rs. 75 for single AC room and Rs. 40 for non AC room. The per day charges are Rs. 600 for double AC room, Rs. 400 for single AC room and Rs. 250 for non AC room. In April 2003, the occupancy rate of non A/C room was 50%, 70% of single AC room and 40% of double AC rooms. Find the profit/loss % for that particular month.

[A] 10.33% (profit)
[B] 10.33% (loss)
[C] 5.67% (loss)
[D] 5.67% (profit)
[E] No profit, no loss
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