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The cost of servicing of a Maruti car at Maruti care PVT. Ltd. is Rs. 400. Manager of service centre told me that for the second service within a year a customer can avail a 10% discount and further for third and fourth servicing he can avail 10% discount of the previous amount paid, within a year. Further if a customer gets more than 4 services within a year, he has to pay just 60% of the servicing charges on these services. A customer availed 5 services from the same servicing station, what is the total percentage discount fetched by the customer?

[A] 19.42%
[B] 18.5%
[C] 17.6%
[D] 26%
[E] None of these
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Rohit dey
Rohit dey - 8 months ago

Rohit dey from Kolkata, India is saying 17.6% is correct answer

Rishi sharma
Rishi sharma - 1 year ago

Rishi sharma from New Delhi, India is saying 18.5% is correct answer

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