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A pharmaceutical company made 3000 strips of tablets at a cost of Rs. 4800. The company gave away 1000 strips of tablets to doctors as free samples. A discount of 25% was allowed on the printed price. Find the ratio profit if the price is raised from Rs. 3.25 to Rs. 4.25 per strip and if at the latter price, samples to doctors were done away with. (New profit / Old profit).

[A] 55.5
[B] 63.5
[C] 75
[D] 99.25
[E] 80
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Ankush Sharma
Ankush Sharma - 7 months ago

Ankush Sharma from Shimla, India is saying 63.5 is correct answer

Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar - 1 year ago

Abhishek Kumar from Delhi, India is saying 63.5 is correct answer

Sunil Khakre
Sunil Khakre - 1 year ago

Sunil Khakre is saying 63.5 is correct answer

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