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Find the selling price of goods if two salesmen claim to make 25% profit each, one calculating it on cost price while another on the selling price, the difference in the profits earned being Rs. 100 and selling price being the same in both the cases?

[A] Rs. 1200
[B] Rs. 1600
[C] Rs. 2400
[D] Rs. 2500
[E] Rs. 3000
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Kaushlendra Singh
Kaushlendra Singh - 3 months ago

Kaushlendra Singh is saying Rs. 1600 is correct answer

manas agarwal
manas agarwal - 5 months ago

manas agarwal is saying Rs. 3000 is correct answer

Nayan Srivastava
Nayan Srivastava - 6 months ago

Nayan Srivastava is saying Rs. 1600 is correct answer

Hyma Neeraja
Hyma Neeraja - 7 months ago

Hyma Neeraja is saying Rs. 1600 is correct answer

Subham Mallick
Subham Mallick - 11 months ago

Subham Mallick is saying Rs. 2400 is correct answer

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