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An egg seller sells his eggs only in the packs of 3 eggs, 6 eggs, 9 eggs, 12 eggs etc., but the rate is not necessarily uniform. One day Raju (which is not the same egg seller) purchased at the rate of 3 eggs for a rupee and the next hour he purchased equal number of eggs at the rate of 6 eggs for a rupee. Next day he sold all the eggs at the rate of 9 eggs for Rs. 2. What is his percentage profit or loss?

[A] 10% loss
[B] 11.11% loss
[C] 3% loss
[D] 2.5 % profit
[E] None of These
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If selling price of 16 items is same as the cost price of 20 items, then there is a

  • [A] loss of 20% 
  • [B] loss of 25%
  • [C] gain of 20%
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  • [E] None of these