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Profit selling 10 candles equals selling price of 3 bulbs. While loss on selling 10 bulbs equal selling price of 4 candles. Also profit percentage equals to the loss percentage and cost of a candle is half of the cost of a bulb. What is the ratio of selling price of candles to the selling price of a bulb?

[A] 5:4
[B] 3:2
[C] 4:5
[D] 3:4
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Ashish verma
Ashish verma - 9 months ago

Ashish verma is saying 3:2 is correct answer

santhiya natarajan
santhiya natarajan - 1 year ago

santhiya natarajan is saying 3:2 is correct answer

deepak kumar
deepak kumar - 1 year ago

deepak kumar is saying 3:2 is correct answer

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