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Kamal bought a house, whose sale price was Rs. 8 lakh. He availed 20% discount as an early bird offer and then 10% discount due to cash payment. After that he spent 10% of the cost price in interior decoration and lawn of the house. At what price should he sell the house to earn a profit of 25%?

[A] Rs. 9 lakh
[B] Rs. 7.99 lakh
[C] Rs. 7.92 lakh
[D] Rs. 7 lakh
[E] None of These
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Himanshu Bali
Himanshu Bali - 10 months ago

Himanshu Bali from Haldwani, India is saying Rs. 9 lakh is correct answer

Mahananda Mondal
Mahananda Mondal - 2 years ago

Mahananda Mondal from Dhaka, Bangladesh is saying Rs. 7.92 lakh is correct answer

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