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The cost of setting up the type of a magazine is Rs. 1000. The cost of running the printing machine is Rs. 120 per 100 copies. The cost of paper, ink and so on is 60 paise per copy. The magazines are sold at Rs. 2.75 each. 900 copies are printed, but only 784 copies are sold. What is the sum to be obtained from advertisements to give profit of 10% on the cost?

[A] Rs. 730
[B] Rs. 720
[C] Rs. 726
[D] Rs. 736
[E] Rs. 750
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Vasu Bhai
Vasu Bhai - 1 year ago

Vasu Bhai from Gurgaon, India is saying Rs. 720 is correct answer

Subham kumar
Subham kumar - 1 year ago

Subham kumar is saying Rs. 726 is correct answer

Hünny Kõmpêlla
Hünny Kõmpêlla - 1 year ago

Hünny Kõmpêlla from Vijayawada, India is saying Rs. 726 is correct answer

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