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Two men and women are entrusted with a task. The second man needs three hours more to cope up with the job than the second man and the woman would need working together. The first man, working alone, would need as much time as second man and the woman working together. The first man working alone, would spend eight hours less than the double period of the time second man would spend working alone. How much time would the two men and the women need to complete the task if they all asked together?

[A] 1 hour
[B] 2 hours
[C] 3 hours
[D] 4 hours
[E] 5 hours
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Vicky Rangkhal
Vicky Rangkhal - 6 months ago

Vicky Rangkhal is saying 2 hours is correct answer

groverh son
groverh son - 8 months ago

groverh son is saying 1 hour is correct answer

SUMAN KUMAR - 9 months ago

SUMAN KUMAR is saying 2 hours is correct answer

Parth Savla
Parth Savla - 10 months ago

Parth Savla is saying 2 hours is correct answer

karim abdul
karim abdul - 10 months ago

karim abdul is saying 5 hours is correct answer

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