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Ram Lal is a renowned packager of fruits in Varanasi. He packs 70 mangoes or 56 guavas every day working 7 hours a day. His wife also helps him. She packs 30 mangoes or 24 guavas working 6 hours per day. Ram Lal has to pack 3300 mangoes and 2400 guavas with help of his wife. They works alternately, each day 10 hours. His wife started packaging firs day and works every alternate days. Similarly, Ram Lal started his work second day and and worked alternatively till the completion of the work. In how many days the work will finished?

[A] 85(3/2)
[B] 85
[C] 84
[D] 80
[E] None of these
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Tashrif Hossain
Tashrif Hossain - 1 year ago

Tashrif Hossain from Dhaka, Bangladesh is saying 84 is correct answer

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