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Three pipes A,B and C attached to a cistern. A can fill it in 10 min, B in 15 min, C is a waste pipe for emptying it. After opening both the pipes A and B, a man leaves the cistern and returns when the cistern should have been just full. Finding, however, that the waste pipe had left open, he closes it and the cistern now gets filled in 2 min. In how much time the pipe C, if opened alone, empty the full cistern?

[A] 12 min
[B] 16 min
[C] 18 min
[D] 15 min
[E] None of these
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kaustubh parab
kaustubh parab - 4 months ago

kaustubh parab is saying None of these is correct answer

Sk Moynul
Sk Moynul - 6 months ago

Sk Moynul is saying 18 min is correct answer

abhishek uniyal
abhishek uniyal - 1 year ago

abhishek uniyal is saying 16 min is correct answer

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