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In a factory there are three types of machine M1, M2 and M3 which produces 25%, 35% and 40% of the total products respectively. M1, M2 and M3 produces 2%, 4% and 5% defective products, respectively. what is the percentage of non-defective products ?

[A] 89%
[B] 97.1%
[C] 96.1%
[D] 86.1%
[E] None of these
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Rajesh Mondal
Rajesh Mondal - 2 years ago

Rajesh Mondal is saying 89% is correct answer

Chhavi Jain
Chhavi Jain - 2 years ago

Chhavi Jain from Jaipur, India is saying 96.1% is correct answer

Francis Rai
Francis Rai - 2 years ago

Francis Rai from Assam, India is saying 97.1% is correct answer

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